Welcome to my website! Here you can find out all bout me! I am a heavily tattooed & modified Gold Coast girl. I am a professional body piercer, suicidegirl hopeful & a model. I have been in countless national tattoo magazine and also graced the cover a few times too. I like to get to most of the local and national tattoo shows, which has seem me win over 30 trophies for my tattoos.

I am very easy to get along with and I would class my self as 'one of the the boys'. I have a dark sense of humor at times and it usually gets me in trouble. I love to run a muck with my friends too. I am fairly old school with how I treat people. Show respect where it's due & you get it back. It goes a long way.

So what's on the cards for Sinaminn in the future?? Well you'll just have to keep checking back here to find out! But here's what's in the works so far!
For 2011, I am planning to learn cosmetic tattooing and also join roller derby!

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Being a professional body piercer is so much fun! It was my dream job since I was 12. And I finally made it in 2003. As much as I hate needles and almost pass out with blood tests, I just cant get enough of piercing. I started to pierce myself probably a year into starting piercing. Just to get my self out of this phobia. I am a little better now but I still don't like them!

On the upside I have done over a 100 piercings on myself ranging from ear, lip, nose, nipple, navel, surface, dermal anchors and genitals. Most of those have been multiple piercings. It's a great feeling knowing you can do almost anything!

Piercing on you guys is something I love too! especially nipples, they seem to get the best reaction! :) The only thing I don't like doing is piercing in silly areas or where it won't have a good chance to heal.
And besides, there are plenty out there that will!

For over 16's (with I.D.) standard piercing are $40!:
Eyebrow, anti-brow, septum, nose, lip, medusa, labret, lobe, cartlidge & navels.
Includes: Initial surgical stainless steel jewellery, aftercare & instructions.

For over 18's (with I.D.):
nipple, tongue ($40), skin diver ($60), & surface, industrial, dermal anchor ($70)
Includes: Surgical stainless or titanium g23 jewellery, aftercare & instructions.

If you want to get multiple piercings, you get a discount! No more than 3 (cuz your body won't heal them!). Check out the discounts in the studio!


Who are the SuicideGirls? We're the daughters of Bettie Page. We're the tattooed, art-school girls with glasses. We're the fucked up haircut verison of the beauty queen. We're an army of over 2,000 unconventionally gorgeous PIN-UP GIRLS devoted to changing your idea about what makes a woman BEAUTIFUL. AND WE'RE NAKED...

When I found I thought it was brilliant! I still do now. It is such a powerful site, so easy to fall in love with, like I did back in 2004. I had sent off my application that year, and got accepted to do a photo shoot, but never got my arse into gear! It took me till July 2009 to actually put the wheels in motion.

My bestest friend Brigi shot my first two set. We had so much fun! Both of us not knowing what the hell we were doing! They are still up in member review, so go check em out and show some luv! The response for them both have been crazy and overwhelming!
Thank you to all of you who have supported me, luv you guys!!


I had started to notice around the social networking sites that i'm on, stuff about Model Mayhem and MM, and was curious to what it was all about?

It is such an amazing website for all types of professionals to connect, photographers, models, MUA, photoshopper etc. without any agents or managers. All sorted directly with you so you know excatly what the deal is. Thank fuck I did cuz it has opened a world of opportunities outside suicidegirls.
And so far so good without any wankers hassling me!

Some of my upcoming shoots include:
special effects make-up, underwater, pin-up, boudior, nautical, lingerie & costume!

If you think there is something i would be ace at or something you'd like to see done, just contact me and I might just be interested :)


SYDNEY - Booked #408902 - 07/03
SYDNEY - Booked #1280707 - 09/03
Booked #540739 - 14/03
Booked #1517264 - 28/03
Booked #1156497 - 02/04


Brigitte Leslie
Matt Black - MM#1013219
Neill Hooper - MM#1216544
Mad Dame - MM#119204

June Issue #62 Australian Tattoo Magazine, Front cover - 2007
January Issue #3 Tattoo Expo Magazine, Front cover - 2010

Also featured in: Australian Tattoo, Tattoos Down Under, Tattoo Expo, Tattoo Revival, Custom Tattoos & Tattoo Candy

Best Overall Female, Wintersun Tattoo Show - 2005
Runner-up Overall Female, Sin the Skin Tattoo Show - 2007
Best Overall Female, Brisbane Tattoo Show - 2007
Best Overall Female, Sin the Skin Tattoo Show - 2008
Best Overall Female, Lismore Charity Tattoo Show - 2008
Runner-up Overall Female, Brisbane Tattoo Show - 2008

+ Over 30 trophies won so far for my tattoos.

The Party Alternative Pin-Up Parade - 2007
Surf Ink Pin-Up Parade - 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

just shot!

ahh so tired, full & happy think i will sleep ike a baby now :D